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Saturday, May 18th in Grants Pass, OR: Jadie Jones and Oregon Books and Games will host a launch party for WAYWARD, the final book in the Hightower Trilogy, as well as the prequel novella: WITHER. Find store details here:

WILDWOOD WINS BIG AT EQUUS FILM FESTIVAL: Wildwood - book #1 in the Hightower Trilogy - won the Best Equine Fiction Category at the 2018 Equus Film Festival. The Equus Film Festival brings the best of equestrian writers, photographers, and filmmakers from around the world. Wildwood and other winners from the literary selection will travel with the Equus Film Festival on its 2019 national tour. Jones will join the festival for its 2019 stop in Sedona, Arizona. 

The Moonlit Trilogy has been acquired by Parliament House Press. The incredible team at Parliament House has big plans for Tanzy's story, including extensive new material, brand new scenes, new covers, and a brand new name. Even if you've already read the trilogy, there's a ton of new content to enjoy in the revamped story, including an intense look at Tanzy's life before the accident that changes everything.
The updated trilogy - now the "Hightower Trilogy" - is being republished through Parliament House Press. Book #1, renamed WILDWOOD, released September 26th, 2017. Book #2 - WINDSWEPT- released May 22nd, 2018. Book #3, now titled WAYWARD, will release April 16th, 2019. At the same time, Parliament House Press will release WITHER, a companion prequel novella, which follows Lucas as he searches the world for one soul among seven billion.
The original edition "Moonlit Trilogy" books have been de-listed and removed from all sales avenues. If you have already purchased any books in the original trilogy, email Jadie and she will send you files for the remaining original books. The improvements made to the trilogy have been extensive, so attempting to read later, updated books will not make for a smooth, cohesive read if you have begun with the original editions.
Jadie's email address is:
Check out the first two chapters of Wildwood on Wattpad free:

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